Broker Survey - Syndication

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The goal of this survey is to gather information about your views on listing syndication. Your feedback is critical in helping us to improve our services and educational programs to provide brokers with the right tools to effectively manage online marketing.

Frequently Used Terms:

Syndication: Sending listings to websites such as Trulia, Zillow, and for advertising purposes

Publishers: Websites like Trulia, and Zillow that display your listings to consumers

1. What is the size of your office/brokerage - # of agents

2. Education/Training - Which one describes you?

3. How do you get your listings to publisher websites for advertising purposes?

4. What are the benefits of syndicating your listings?

5. What are the frustrations that you have with syndicating your listings?

6. Who should control syndication choices (where your listings are advertised online)?

7. What’s the frequency that you would expect new or modified listings to be updated on Internet websites?

8. Which of the following protections would be the most important to you when you send your listings to websites? (Select up to 5, checkboxes)

9. Check any/all that apply to you regarding ListHub

10. What causes inaccurate listings online?

11. How important is it that my company can control where the leads go from my listings (eg direct-to-agent, to an eTeam, to a lead management software program, etc)?

12. How important is it that my company can control where the traffic goes from my listings (eg to the broker website, to the agent, etc)?

13. Our MLS is continuously evaluating all programs we offer to members to ensure the highest quality of service, beginning with this survey to understand how our members view syndication today. Did this survey cover the syndication topics that are most important to you?