* 1. In which community do you live?

* 2. How does your community rate for overall livability?

* 3. How important are the following to you in your community?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Convenient local shopping and entertainment
Access to recreational and leisure pursuits
Excellent EMS, Fire and Police Protection
Access to alternative forms of transportation (transit, biking, walking)
Access to healthcare facilities
Well-Located schools and libraries
Access to broadband/high speed internet
Accessible public buildings and parks
Variety of housing choices
Preservation of rural setting and natural resources
Preservation of historic and cultural resources

* 4. Please rate the following challenges in your community.

  Significant Challenge Minor Challenge Does Not Affect Me
Not enough employment opportunities
Too much traffic
Loss of scenic views and natural areas
Loss of farmland
Not enough shopping, restaurants and entertainment
Lack of range of housing options
Incompatible land uses
Inadequate public services
Lack of healthcare facilities
Overcrowded schools
Lack of walkable communities
No public transportation
Not enough access to broadband or high speed internet

* 5. Please rate the following Public Services in your community

  Excellent Adequate Inadequate Not Available in My Community
Law Enforcement
Fire Protection
Natural Gas
Sanitation and recycling
Broadband/High Speed Internet

* 6. Would you support the following Growth Management Actions in your community?

  Yes No
Land use regulations/ zoning
Higher density in planned city areas
Lower density in planned rural areas
Incentives to encourage alternate transportation modes
Impact fees to offset cost of growth
Agriculture and forest conservation
Acquisition of land for public uses
Greenspace acquisition and preservation
Higher density to preserve open space
Limit expansion of water and sewer services

* 7. Which housing options are needed in your community?

  Need More Need Less Just Right
Single Family Housing
Senior Housing
Manufactured Housing
Apartment Rentals
Starter Homes

* 8. In addition to grants and low-interest loans, the County and the Cities should consider which of the following financing options for needed improvements to public services. (check all that apply)