Community Survey

Thank you for taking the survey for the Barrow County Comprehensive Plan update.  The long-range Comprehensive Plan is used to guide local goals and decisions related to land use, housing, economic development, natural and historic resources, and community facilities.  The plan will address all of Barrow County including Auburn, Bethlehem, Braselton, Carl, Statham and Winder.

Your confidential responses to this brief survey will help county and city planners identify the issues that need to be addressed during the update to this important policy document.  

* 1. Do you live in Barrow County?

* 2. What is your zip code?

* 3. Do you work in Barrow County?

How important are the following planning issues to you?  (see questions 4 - 18)

* 4. Accommodating additional population growth in Barrow County

* 5. Limiting new growth and development in Barrow County

* 6. Promoting local character through the built environment in Barrow County

* 7. Increasing housing options and types of housing in Barrow County

* 8. Promoting affordable housing in Barrow County

* 9. Locating housing near jobs in Barrow County

* 10. Diversifying the local economy in Barrow County

* 11. Increasing industrial and manufacturing jobs in Barrow County

* 12. Increasing the number of jobs for high-skilled workers in Barrow County

* 13. Expanding water and sewer infrastructure in Barrow County

* 14. Providing a wider range of transportation options in Barrow County

* 15. Reducing traffic congestion in Barrow County

* 16. Increasing the amount of park space and recreation options in Barrow County

* 17. Protecting open space and natural resources in Barrow County

* 18. Preserving historic structures and sites in Barrow County

* 19. Comments or ideas?  Please use the space below:

* 20. To receive notices about community meetings for the Comprehensive Plan, please provide your contact information below: