1. Barbour County Board of Education Superintendent Search

14% of survey complete.
Thank you for sharing your perspective regarding the qualities, experiences, and skills that you would like to see in the next superintendent. The survey is being administered by the Alabama Association of School Boards on behalf of the Barbour County Board of Education. It takes about ten minutes to complete.

All answers are anonymous. All responses will assist the school board as it seeks to identify the best candidate for the position.

Responses that contain the names of individuals and/or foul language will be deleted. Consolidated results from all returned surveys will be reported publicly.

One important note: As you complete the survey, you will probably find that every trait and skill discussed is important to you to some extent. Your challenge is to help us prioritize between traits that are somewhat important for our next superintendent and those that are critically important — so try to use the full range of the scales and reserve “top box” ratings for only the few items that in your mind rise above the rest.