Banking Is Student Survey

Please complete our survey to be entered into a drawing to win an iPod Touch. Your answers will stay confidential.

* 1. An unattended station where you can make a withdrawal, deposit, or transfer is an:

* 2. The interest paid on a savings account that is added to the balance so the interest earns interest, is known as ___________?

* 3. When credit is used, only the amount that is borrowed needs to be repaid.

* 4. The best way to establish a good credit record is to pay all bills on time.

* 5. The Federal Reserve System plays a predominate role in regulating the banking industry.

* 6. A household budget outlines what you can afford to spend on your needs and wants.

* 7. The exercises in the Banking Is materials made the learning interesting.

* 8. After completing the Banking Is program, I plan on opening a checking or savings account.

* 9. I would have preferred to take the Banking Is program on-line.

* 10. The knowledge I gained from the Banking Is program will be helpful for me in the future.

* 11. What topic did you find most valuable to your individual needs?

* 12. Please provide your contact information so that you can be entered into the drawing for an iPod Touch. If we do not have your contact information, we will not be able to notify you if you are the winner. The winner will be notified by phone and email.