BandonCares is planning a training series this fall/winter to support area nonprofits in building capacity to raise funds and strengthen sustainability to ensure mission success.  We are interested in knowing more about your organization's fund development needs to help shape the focus of those sessions.  Thank you for taking time to share your organization's information!

* 1. What is the name of your organization?

* 2. What is your organization's annual operating budget? 

* 3. What is your organization's people capacity (approximately)?

* 4. Does your organization have a current strategic plan (or some other guiding document that identifies your organizational priorities)?

* 7. Where do you feel most challenged when it comes to fund development?

* 8. To what extent are you interested in training sessions on building your plan for sustainability?

* 9. To what extent are you interested in a peer learning exchange on fundraising best practices?

* 10. To what extent are you interested in building your organization's staff, board, volunteer skills to engage in fundraising?

* 11. What is your level of interest in workshops on the following fundraising topics?

  Top priority Very interested Somewhat interested Not very interested Not interested
Fund Development Planning - Finding the Right Mix
Increasing Board/Volunteer Engagement in Fundraising
Developing Your Case for Support
Developing Your Individual Donor/Member Base
Building Your Major Donor Strategy
Exploring Earned Income Opportunities
Securing Sponsorships
Maximizing Fundraising Events
Using Social Media to Attract Funding Support
Planning a Capital Campaign
Grant Seeking Strategies

* 12. How can BandonCares best support your organizational sustainability?