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The City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is conducting a survey to understand business parking, access, and loading needs in the Ballard Brewery District area. We need your input to help us develop a draft curbspace management plan that will make it easier to park and make deliveries in the Ballard Brewery District. The plan may include improvements like new commercial and passenger load zones, paid parking, time-limited parking, spaces for food trucks, disabled parking, and other changes along the curb. Your input will help inform the draft plan.

What happens next?

After we get your feedback, we will finalize our draft curbspace management plan. In summer 2024, we will share the draft plan for your input. Any improvements would be installed in fall 2024.

Project Area

Our project focuses on the area known as the Ballard Brewery District. This includes streets from NW 53rd St to Leary Way NW between 15th Ave NW and 8th Ave NW. See below project area map.

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Information provided in this survey is considered a public record and may be subject to public disclosure. For more information, see the Public Records Act, RCW Chapter 42.56. To learn more about how we manage your information, see our Privacy Statement at

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1. Is your business located in the project area?

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2. What is your business name?

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3. What is your business address?

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4. What kind of business are you?

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5. How many people does your business employ on-site?

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6. For employees who work at this business, please estimate what percentage (%) of your employees:

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7. For those employees who drive to work, where do they usually park?

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