BackCountry Navigator User Experience

33% of survey complete.

* How have you learned to use BackCountry Navigator?

* Rate the ease of the following:

  Easy Practical Tough Impossible Haven't tried
Choosing a map source the first time.
Find a Place to center the map
Switching between map layers
Changing between preview and offline modes
Select regions for download
Download maps for those regions
Activate the GPS/Navigation
Import GPX file
Mark a Waypoint on map screen
Mark a GPS WayPoint
Record a track
Export a GPX file.
Switch between screens.
Find map data you've previously downloaded.
GOTO (target) a waypoint.

* What did you find most confusing or unclear about using BackCountry Navigator at first?

* How could it be better?

* What do you think could be done to improve the toolbar buttons (the buttons on the map screen)?

* Is there any wording (terms, vocabulary) in the app or that would make more sense to you or others if we changed said wording?