Thank you for taking the time to respond to this brief anonymous10-question survey. As a leader in your congregation's Green Sanctuary/environmental justice work, your input will assist UUMFE in improving and developing needed resources to individual UU's and congregations.

This survey has two purposes:
• First, to assess the effectiveness of current UUMFE resources and services.
• Second, to gather information regarding what new resources you and your congregation need to enhance Earth ministry in your congregation.

At the end of this survey, we encourage you to sign-up for a brief, more in-depth, personal phone conversation with the consultant for this project. We are finding that such conversations are building deeper UU connection and Earth community.

Let's get started!

* 1. What are the demographics of your congregation (choose all that apply)?

* 2. Do you and/or your congregation support UUMFE with an annual donation?

* 3. Please indicate which current UUMFE Compact Disc Resources you have used by rating them for their quality/effectiveness ( A highest, F lowest) :

  A B C D E F
Global Warming Action Kit, Vol. 1:
Global Warming Action Kit, Vol. 2:
Earth and Spirit: Bringing Ecology into Adult Religious Education:
Honoring Earth Worship Resource:
Nurturing the Spirit-Nature Connection:
We are All Connected: Butterflies and Creepy Crawlies
We Are All Connected - Sounds of Nature RE Lessons

* 4. How often do you visit/use the UUMFE website:

* 5. Please check all boxes that apply for each of the UUMFE communication resources you receive/use:

  Do not receive Do not read Read for spiritual grounding Read for action ideas Read for community with like-minded UUs
Electronic E-News Updates
UU Ministry for Earth Discussion Group on Facebook
Quarterly electronic UUMFE newsletters

* 6. UUMFE has several partnerships. Please check those partnership resources you have used in creating programs in your community:

* 7. Please indicate which of the following educational opportunities or resources you and/or your congregation have used and rate them (excellent, needs improvement, not useful)

  excellent needs improvement not useful
General Assembly Workshops
Annual Earth Day Resources
Environmental Justice Curriculum

* 8. UUMFE has been conducting conversations around the country. The need for new resources in the following areas have emerged from these conversations. How would you prioritize these needs (1 being your highest priority, 8 the lowest)?

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Religious Education resources
Resources for working with children & families
Support for regional actions & projects
Sense of community with UUs engaged in Earth ministry
Support, education, resources for ministers
Spiritual inspiration, motivation, resources
A reliable filter for information on environmental justice issues
Language and resources to connect our spiritual life with the issues

* 9. Thank you for completing this survey.

We would love to hear in more detail about your ideas and suggestion for current and new resources by speaking with you briefly by phone.

If you are willing to schedule a half-hour phone conversation between now and
December 1, enter your name and email address in the secure box below or email with survey in the subject line. Your email address will be used ONLY to reply to you regarding this survey.

You will receive a reply email from Claudia Kern, the UUMFE consultant for this project. She will work with you to schedule a convenient time to talk. Your contact information will be used only for follow-up to this survey.

Thank you again for helping us to better support your Earth ministry.