Spring League - Important Survey

Sailing from Union Hall

Given the planned works on Glandore Pier, the Spring League (6 Sundays from 16th April to 21st May) would have to run from Union Hall Pier.
At present it is not clear whether it will be possible to leave dinghies at the Union Hall pier. This survey is to find out the level of interest that there is, depending on arrangements, to see whether the League can go ahead or not.
Please respond by Wednesday 22nd March - even if it is to tell us that you will not be available/ interested to sail the League under any conditions.
(Entry fee for 6 weeks: €15/single handed, €25 with 1 crew, €30 with 2 crew)
1.Sailor's name(Required.)
2.Sailor's phone number (only kept for communications about the Spring Dinghy League if you indicate that you wish to be updated about this event.)(Required.)
3.Assuming arrangements at the pier for dinghies suit you, are you planning to compete in the Spring Dinghy League, sailing from the Union Hall pier?(Required.)
4.Can you let us know what arrangements would be necessary for you to take part in the League?(Required.)
5.I wish to be kept informed about this event (Required.)
6.If you wish to be kept informed and prefer email communications, please provide your email address here