Comics Arts Conference - SDCC

CONTENT: The Comics Arts Conferences welcomes submissions focused on aspects of sequential art, graphic storytelling in the form of comic strips, comic books, and graphic novels. We regret we are unable to accept submissions concentrating primarily on other media or popular culture in general.

EQUIPMENT: The CAC provides a projector with a DVD player and a laptop computer connection (VGA). There will also be a laptop on site for your convenience with PowerPoint, Keynote, and QuickTime. We can thus accommodate DVDs, CDs, laptops, and flash drives. If your laptop is a Mac, please bring your own video adapter.

REGISTRATION: If your paper is accepted, do not pay for Comic-Con registration. (If you have already paid, we may be able to get that payment refunded to you.) CAC presenters attend Comic-Con with professional passes, with no registration fee for Comic-Con or CAC.

GUEST: You may bring ONE guest who can also attend with free registration. After submissions are accepted, we will then ask for your guest information. A guest pass may not be sold or otherwise transferred to anyone other than the individual whose name appears on it.

HOTEL: San Diego hotel rooms have been filling faster and faster. You should probably reserve your room (preferably something you can cancel without penalty if necessary) as early as possible, long before we finalize our schedule and send panel acceptance/rejection notifications.

Please be aware that this SurveyMonkey system does not automatically generate confirmation emails, but we have never known it to fail to store a submission.

* 1. Who are you? Enter title, name (affiliation) - e.g., Dr. John Smith (Moone University)

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. Enter your complete address for regular mail including city, state, country, and postal code.

* 4. Identify your co-presenters (if any). After each co-presenter's name, tell us that person's affiliation and email address. Please add a short note after each co-presenter's name to state how each will contribute to the scholarly presentation.

e.g., Dr. Judy Robinson (Jupiter University, will report on her interview with Jack Kirby.

* 5. Presentation title? Whatever you call your paper is up to you, but we may have to shorten lengthier titles when entering them in the conference program. (Include only one title.)

* 6. In the text box provided below, please enter your 100-200 word abstract.

* 7. Method of presentation

Given programming constraints, we may not be able to accept all 50-minute panel proposals. If you would also like to submit your panel as individual presentations (e.g., a set of three 15-minute presentations that go together), please enter each presentation into this website separately from your panel submission, and indicate your larger panel above in box 4. If your panel is accepted, you are responsible for providing the names and contact information of ALL panel members to the CAC.

If you’d like to submit a 90-minute panel consisting of three individual but thematically linked presentations, please submit each presentation individually on the submission site and indicate the larger panel theme in box 4.

You are welcome to check more than one method - for example, that you're willing to present either a poster or an individual presentation.

* 8. If you picked more than one method of presentation, which would be your preference? What's your FIRST choice?

* 9. Have you previously been a CAC presenter, whether at Comic-Con in San Diego or at WonderCon in San Francisco?
If panelists are not experienced CAC presenters, we may assign a moderator.

* 10. Please enter your bio of 50-100 words. (Longer is okay, but we may have to trim it for the CAC program.)