Thanks for attending the Neon Speaks Festival & Symposium 2018!

The Neon Speaks Festival & Symposium exceeded our expectations and your support for historic neon preservation was inspiring. But we are curious, did we meet your expectations, and how can we improve for next time? (We are already brainstorming about how we can make Neon Speaks an annual event!) --Al and Randall |

* 1. Which neon events did you attend?

* 2. Which event gave you the best opportunity to make connections with others?

* 3. Which presentations were the most interesting to you?

* 4. What were your main take-aways from the Friday Presentations? The Symposium? The Spotlight Forum?

* 5. Were the venues comfortable and easy to find?

* 6. Tell us about a topic that you would like to suggest for a future neon symposium?

* 7. Any suggestions about a venue in San Francisco or another city that you would like to suggest for a Neon Speaks event in the future? What makes it a good fit?

* 8. Anything about the Neon Speaks events that you wanted more of? Less of?

* 9. How likely would you be to attend the next Neon Speaks Festival and Symposium?

* 10. Any general comments or suggestions on improvements for next time?