How Are We Doing?

We have been exploring ideas around "Inbound Marketing" which is based on producing welcome content, as opposed to traditional sales and marketing practices, which seem to be less and less welcome.

We've produced 7 reports now and would be delighted if you could take a moment to provide some feedback regarding our attempts to produce good/reasonable content through these reports and our research.

* 1. Have you read any of my reports or articles in our series based on communications in Further Education?

* 2. I found the content, ideas and issues raised in the reports useful and relevant to Further Education, do you;

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A - Have Not Seen it
Technology in FE
Business Development Ideas for FE
Culture in Education
Social Norms Report
Promoting FE Commercial Services
Tech Story - What FE can learn from Pixar's Toy Story
Twitter in Further Education

* 3. Did you share any of the report(s) with colleagues?

* 4. Please feel free to provide any additional feedback that you may have about any of our reports that you have read below:

* 5. Are there any other topics that you would like us to report on?

* 6. I have been keen to move away from traditional sales methods of unsolicited sales calls to one of "community engagement" Has this been obvious? If so has it been a more welcome approach?

* 7. Would you like to see this kind of approach to be adopted by more FE suppliers?

* 8. I am currently looking for some "critical friends" on some exciting new projects, would the college be interested in being involved?

* 9. Contact Details