Financial Aid at Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is deeply committed to helping applicants pay for their participation in its educational programs. Tuition and fees are set lower than actual costs due to a modest endowment and an annual fund made possible through the generosity of many Pendle Hill supporters. Some additional financial aids funds are also available to increase the accessibility of this Pendle Hill program for individuals who cannot afford to pay the full tuition and fees. Pendle Hill works in partnership with applicants, their faith communities, and their sponsoring organizations in seeking support to help meet tuition and fees, as well as negotiating payment schedules where possible.

Those seeking additional financial support through financial aid grants are expected to:

                   1. Complete a financial aid application

                   2. Attach copies of your federal tax returns for the last two years

                   3. Attach a statement further explaining your financial situation and need

                   4. Submit all this with your program application

Applicants for financial aid are also encouraged to apply for this program as early as possible

1–5: Personal contact information. Please make sure that this is legible and accurate, especially phone numbers and email addresses
   6: Adjusted gross income from your last two federal tax returns.

   7: Family net assets. Make an estimate of the value of your assets (home, savings, investments, etc.) and subtract your liabilities (mortgage, car payments, and other outstanding debts).

   8: What funds are available for tuition?
          Enter the amount you will contribute personally.
          Enter the tuition assistance you expect to receive from other sources

   9: Please indicate here the amount of money you are asking from Pendle Hill.

 10: Please indicate in this statement any other financial information that we should know in order to make a fair judgement based on our limited scholarship fund resources.