* 1. What did you come to this course hoping to gain/learn?

* 2. To what extent did this course meet your learning expectations?

* 3. What part of the course was most significant to your learning?

* 4. Is there any part of the course you would suggest further changes to? If so, explain why.

* 5. The Impromptu Speaking activity was valuable.

* 6. The piece on Dynamic Speakers was valuable.

* 7. The presentation on the 4 things the brain needs to learn (meaning, emotion, relevance, novelty) was valuable.

* 8. The PowerPoint review was helpful.

* 9. I feel more comfortable in planning a presentation now.

* 10. I feel more confident in my abilities to present.

* 11. I received constructive feedback from the facilitators that helped me, or will help me, improve my presentations.

* 12. There was sufficient preparation time built into this course that allowed me to apply the skills presented.

* 13. Final Comments: We welcome any final comments you may have that helps us to improve this course. Thank you for your constructive feedback.