1. My education level is:

2. Where do you work?

3. What sort of job do you have? Are you a programmer? A professor? A DBA? A researcher?

4. Talk a little about what you do here. If you do research, talk a little about your research here. If you work in industry or government on projects that you can talk vaguely about, tell us a little about whether they involve databases, the web, or what have you. (We're both curious about how we can have more useful content on the blog and how what we're working on relates to real problems people currently have.) If you have a previous affiliation with the InfoLab, please leave a note about it here.

5. How often do you read the InfoBlog?

7. Why do you read the InfoBlog? Are there any other blogs you read for similar reasons?

8. How did you originally find out about the InfoBlog? Check as many as you like.

9. Which posts to the InfoBlog have you liked the most? (Posts are in reverse chronological order.)

  Really Disliked Disliked OK Liked Really Liked Didn't Read
VLDB 2008 Trip Report (Posted by Ioannis Antonellis)
Certain Answers From Uncertain Data (Posted by Parag Agrawal)
SpotSigs: Are Stopwords Finally Good for Something? (Posted by Martin Theobald)
Who is the Data Leaker? (Posted by Panagiotis Papadimitriou)
Matching Hierarchies Using Shared Objects (Posted by Robert Ikeda)
SIGIR 2008 Trip Report (Posted by Paul Heymann)
Why Uncertainty in Data is Great (Posted by Anish Das Sarma)
Making Flexible Recommendations in CourseRank (Posted by Georgia Koutrika)
Database Research Principles Revealed (Posted by Jennifer Widom)
Should Ad Networks Bother Fighting Click Fraud? (Posted by Bobji Mungamuru)
Stanford Entity Resolution Framework: An Overview (Posted by Steven Whang)
Thoughts on ECML PKDD Discovery Challenge (RSDC'08) (Posted by Paul Heymann)
Report: 2008 Berkeley Database Self-Assessment (Posted by Hector Garcia-Molina)
Simrank++: Putting together 3 simple ideas (Posted by Ioannis Antonellis)
Why Write a Blog? (Posted by Paul Heymann)

10. What sorts of posts would you like to see more of in the future? (Ongoing research at the InfoLab? Trip reports? Surveys of research going on in an area related to the InfoLab? Something else?) Do you prefer long posts or short posts? Would you prefer less posts per month if they are higher quality posts? Do you have any other general feedback?