1. Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment Re-enchantment Survey

This is the School that is known in the heart of every parent to fulfill the dream of a perfect education for their child. The primary objective is to re-enchant education for those who desire an inspiring and creative approach to learning and exploring their world, while developing their gifts, talents and potentials, to attain a life full of meaning and a purpose fulfilled.

The primary purpose of this survey is to create public awareness and determine the desire for a utopian, Arts and creativity based education system that caters to developing the gifts and talents of the individual child based on their capabilities and learning style.

* 1. What are the key qualities of an ideal and well rounded education that you wish for your child?

* 2. How important are the Arts (visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts) in your child’s education? Explain.

* 3. What is the ideal learning environment for your child? How important is the natural environment to your child’s development?

* 4. What do you think is most important aspect of school that will make a positive impact to your child's learning experience? What is the place of wonder, joy and enchantment in the classroom?

* 5. General about School and Environment

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important
Your child has friends attending the same school
Good pupil care and welfare arrangements
Environmental consciousness
Attractive buildings and decor
Broad range of resources
Good boarding facilities
Ease of travel to and from school
Green school and self-sustainability
Religious affiliation of the school
Small school
Small classes
Atmosphere conducive to learning
Single-sex schooling
Co-education (mixed-sex schooling)
The school is well managed
Well-maintained facilities and grounds

* 6. Education / Value System

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important
Dissatisfaction with public schools
Responsive to preferences of parents
The happiness of your child
The school teaches respect for others
Help with learning difficulties (special needs)
Need to give your child an advantage
Having siblings at the same school
School should be character building
Academically competitive environment
Private schools produce confident pupils
High expectations of pupils by teachers
A good mix of ethnic backgrounds
Clever and bright pupils
Tolerance of all religions (non-denominational)
Useful social contacts to be made at school

* 7. Curriculum / Programs

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important
Broad and balanced education
A specific curriculum subject is available
Wide range of academic subjects
Strong Arts program
Current technology availability
Wide range of sports available
Strong life skills programs
The school teaches other languages
The school follows a Provincial Curriculum
Good reputation for sport
Good facilities and resources in the school
Good reputation for music and arts
Unique programs to develop ‘life skills’
Unique programs directed to individual student needs
Programs & curriculum modeled to individual student needs
Unique programs to further develop student gifts and talents
A wide range of subjects

* 8. Teaching, Management and Staff

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important
High quality teaching
Firm discipline and consequences
No bullying
Private education leads to higher social status
Well-qualified teachers
A caring staff
Staff with special skills to assist students in need
Your child's preference
A lenient and child-centered approach to discipline

* 9. Beyond the Classroom-Extra Curricular & Continued Ed

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important
High proportion of students continue to higher education
Wide range of extra-curricular clubs
Better career prospects
High rate of entry to Universities
Progressive or modern style of education

* 10. Development / Assessment / Evaluation

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important
The school focus is on individual development
Development whole being (holistic approach)
Emphasis on examinations and results
Assessment based on individual merit
Good public examination results
Commitment to equal opportunities for student
50% of survey complete.