* 1. Your name (optional):

* 2. Please check one of the following:

* 3. Please check the following:

* 4. Please check the following:

* 5. Do you feel welcome when you visit the school?

* 6. Is the school well maintained, clean, and attractive?

* 7. Do you have any suggestions related to the school building or site?

* 8. Please rate the following statements:

  Definitely Most of the time Sometimes Seldom N/A - not enough information to rate
The principal is a visible and positive educational leader in the school.
The principal is a visible and positive educational leader in the community.
The principal communicates effectively with parents, the community, and students, providing helpful information.
The principal is accessible via e-mails, phone calls or personal visits.
The principal sets high expectations for staff and students.
The principal embraces the rich diversity of the community.
The principal fosters a positive learning culture.
The principal helps sustain a school-wide focus on instruction and learning.
The principal celebrates staff and student accomplishments.
The principal celebrates community efforts to support students and the school. 
The principal consistently and fairly handles problems, situations, etc..
The principal fairly manages resources (staff and funding).
The principal complies with laws, policies, regulations, and handbook. 
The principal maintains a safe and secure school.
The principal values instructional time by limiting interruptions and distractions.
The principal works with the community to provide additional opportunities for students. 
The principal treats everyone in a professional and respectful manner.
The principal facilitates notice of APC meetings and topics to parents, the community, and students.
The principal enhances the APC self-evaluation.
The principal presented a report on school and student performance at an APC meeting.
The principal reviewed school and student data with the APC when asking for their recommendations on school goals. 

* 9. Principal's areas of strength:

* 10. Principal's areas for improvement: