Recording Tenant Stories

We are looking to collect information of how our services helped you with your renting/tenancy enquiry.  This is an anonymous survey to help us understand how to improve our services and to capture some information about what renters are experiencing in the rental market at present.  
We may share some of the information you provide if you give us permission but no names will be used and nothing will be included that will identify you or the property you rent.  

* 1. What prompted you to begin using our services?

* 2. Can you share a little about what your tenancy was like before you contacted our services?

* 3. Can you share a little about how our service has made a difference for you?

* 4. Can you think of a specific activity or incident that represented a turning point for you?

* 5. How would you describe your tenancy now compared to how it was when you first contacted our service?

* 6. What would it be like now if you had not been able to contact our services?

* 7. Is there anything else you would like to add?

* 8. Thinking about renting.  If you could change one thing about renting what would it be?

* 9. I give my permission for my information to be shared.  (I understand that no information that will identify me or my property will be shared)

* 10. Would you like to provide your first name and contact details?  This will only be used to to contact you to confirm any  information we will be sharing.