Influencing a Career Choice

The purpose of this survey is to learn how parents educate their children about careers. By taking this short survey, you will be entered in a monthly drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.

* 2. In what grade did you begin talking about career choices with your children?

* 3. Which learning style describes your children the best?

* 4. Rate the following items in order of importance when helping your children choose a career path (one being the MOST important and three being the LEAST important).

* 5. Which of these skills are most crucial when starting a career?

* 6. What resources do you feel are most beneficial when it comes to educating your children about their career choices?

* 7. Do you feel that specific skills training and/or receiving a credential is just as beneficial as a college degree?

* 8. Do you think training programs or registered apprenticeships would be an option for your children?

* 9. How do you feel about this statement:
I am confident that there are other paths that lead to a good career besides attending a university.

* 10. Which of these career choices would you most likely encourage your children to explore? Rate the following in order of importance, with one being your FIRST choice and seven being your LAST choice.

* 11. Based on the above question, why did you rate those career choices in that particular order?

* 12. If you are involved in the school competition then enter the school name and state that recommended you to this survey (if applicable).

* 13. If a NCCER staff member recommended you to take this survey then enter their first and last  name here.  (if applicable).

* 14. To be entered into the drawing for $100 Amazon gift card, please enter your contact information. You will be added to BYF's mailing list.

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