County Readiness Assessment

Each county treasurer must ensure his or her staff is prepared for the new DMV System to go live by affirming each can complete certain tasks. If a county office or individual system user is unable to complete these tasks, it indicates more training or equipment support is needed before we go live.

County Readiness Assessment Survey #2

The County Readiness Assessment Survey #2 lists all the tasks we expect you and/or your staff to be able to complete. For each task listed, you must answer whether it can be successfully completed. Do NOT answer YES if you and/or your staff cannot complete the task.

You should be able to answer yes to questions 1 through 13 by end of day Friday, May 4. The remaining questions are to be answered when we are live, which could be as early as Sunday morning, May 6. We will provide a deadline for submitting your survey results as we approach going live.

If you encounter problems that prevent you from completing any of these transactions, call the county support line at 785-368-8384 for help.

For equipment malfunctions or installation/configuration help, call the KDOR help desk at 785-296-1700.

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