DFB Choice Awards 2011 Nomination Form

We're seeking nominations for the 2011 DFB Choice Awards! Please answer the 10 questions below -- we'll use the most popular nominations in our DFB Choice Awards voting!

* 1. Best Disney World Signature Table Service Restaurant

* 2. Best Disney World Non-Signature Table Service Restaurant

* 3. Best Disney World Counter Service Restaurant

* 4. Best Disneyland Resort Table Service Restaurant

* 5. Best Disneyland Resort Counter Service Restaurant

* 6. Best Disney Snack (examples: Dole Whip, Mickey Premium Bar, Selma's Cookies, Rice Krispie Treat, etc.)

* 7. Best Disney Restaurant for Kids

* 8. Best Disney Character Meal

* 9. Best Disney Restaurant for Vegetarians

* 10. Best Disney Restaurant for Breakfast