The Coventry Economic Development Commission has developed a survey for the citizens of Coventry to provide input to the Commission on a variety of economic development issues, such as what type of businesses are desirable for the community, where commercial development should be focused and the relationship between local taxes and business growth. The results of the survey will serve to guide the actions of the Commission and the goals established for the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development.


Please submit only one response per person.


The Commission thanks you for taking the time to participate in the survey.  Questions on the survey can be directed to Eric M. Trott, Director of Planning and Development, at or 860-742-4062.

* 1. Are you a resident of the Town of Coventry?

* 2. How long have you lived in Coventry?

* 3. Please describe your working status.

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. How far away from home do you work?

* 6. Do you have children?

* 7. How would you describe the rate of commercial development in Coventry?

* 8. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being very important and 5 being not important at all, how would you rate the importance of having an adequate balance of business/service and residential uses in Coventry to assist in reducing taxes?

* 9. What percentage of the Town’s tax revenue should come from commercial uses?

* 10. Would you support the Town investing in infrastructure or other resources to support business growth?

* 11. Please indicate what businesses/services that you would like to see in Coventry. Please check all that apply.

* 12. Please indicate what type of businesses/services that you would NOT like to see in Coventry. Please check all that apply.

* 13. Please indicate where you feel it is appropriate for commercial growth in Coventry. Please check all that apply.