Thank you for your assistance in updating our Strategic Plan, our current plan can be accessed here. The information you provide in this survey will help shape future planning in the District.

Fire District 12 is served by 95 volunteer members supported by a full time staff of 7, we are an all risk fire department covering approximately 90 square miles bordered by the Cities of Yakima & Union Gap, Bureau of Indian Affairs land to the south, State Department of Natural Resources Land to the west and Fire Districts 1 & 9 to the north.  The assessed value of the Fire District for 2019 is $1,211,157,281 and our tax rate is $1.37/thousand giving the District a total operating budget of $1,700,000.  District 12 has four fire stations strategically located throughout the District which we provide emergency medical services (basic life support no transport, ambulance transport in Yakima County is handled by private companies) and fire/emergency response from, our members train every Wednesday night to maintain skills in a variety of fire service disciplines as well as meet State standards in WAC 296-305 standard.  District 12 provides additional services to patrons such as free smoke detectors acquired through a grant, property address signs, blood pressure checks, station tours and various fire safety educational opportunities.  For more information about the District visit our website and choose contact us or give us a call 966-3111.  If you are interested in volunteering, applications are available on our website or by stopping by our administrative offices 10000 Zier Rd.