How Can I Help YOU Be Your Best?

* 1. Tell me a little about yourself.....
  • What is your motivations for seeking out 'Almost Raw' Vegan eats?
  • What is your biggest struggle?
  • What is the #1 thing you want me to know about you?

* 2. What is your PRIMARY goal?

* 3. Please RANK the following ten (10) items as to which would be the MOST VALUABLE to help you feel your BEST? (#1 MOST Valuable/BEST vs. #10 LEAST important to you)

NOTE: The items will automatically reshuffle as you select your ranking.

* 4. Tell me more! Are there other things (tools, resources, classes, videos, ebook, services, products, etc.) that you feel I can provide to support you on your journey to feeling your BEST? What do you feel you need to succeed?

* 5. I'd love if you left your name and email, oh and I'd love to know where you live in the world! And just incase I have further questions about what you have written. It's of course optional and I won't share this information, I will only use it if I have questions would like to clarify your responses! Thanks again for taking the time to respond! Catherine xox