* 1. Would you be willing to help F&M students and recent graduates in any of the following ways?

* 2. If you checked any of the above-listed services, how do you prefer to provide them (check all that apply):

* 3. Please check all industry or industries in which you have worked and/or about which you can educate F&M students and recent graduates:

* 4. (For Alumni) In what clubs/organizations were you involved at F&M?

* 5. Please tell us more about you (for the Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development's records):

* 6. Did you attend graduate/professional school after college? If so, please complete the following:

* 7. If you are currently employed or self-employed, please complete the following:

* 8. What information about you can we include in our password-protected database accessible to F&M students and alumni:

* 9. What is the best way to contact you with any questions about your responses?