* 1. Which materials did you (or will you) use the most?

* 2. How well do the materials answer the following questions?

  Not at all Poorly Fairly well Very well Exceptionally well
Why do organic foods sometimes cost more?
What does a farmer have to do to get certified as organic?
How do organic foods differ from natural foods?
What is the relationship between local and organic foods?
How sustainable is organic farming?
How do organic foods compare nutritionally with conventional foods?
Where can I find more information on organic foods?

* 3. Which materials are most useful and why?

* 4. How much did having these materials help differentiate your products in your markets and provide you with a competitive advantage?

* 5. Did having these materials for your customers increase your sales? Please estimate by how much.

* 6. Where do you farm (city, county)?

* 7. What crops and products do you produce and sell directly to consumers?

* 8. Where do you market your products (e.g. farmers market, CSA, restaurants, other)?

* 9. Volume of sales of organic products per year.

* 10. Please share any other comments and suggestions you have. Thanks!