You are invited to submit your nominations for the Nutrition First WIC Awards.

Objective: To recognize WIC Champions who have made an impact to the WIC community by displaying qualities of service and personal dedication to the WIC program.

These awards will be presented in May during the Virtual WIC Conference and Trade Show Awards Ceremony.

Closing date for nominations: April 16, 2021

People This is our customer service award.  Please nominate someone who demonstrates great customer service to internal and external customers.  We will be awarding individuals from various job positions so please feel free to nominate more than one person that may fit into the various categories.
(Clerk, Certifier, Dietitian, Lactation Consultant, WIC Administration, WIC Coordinator, BF Coordinator, State WIC Staff or other.)

Purpose Please nominate the WIC Advocacy Champion.  This could be  someone who directly works for WIC or an external WIC Partner who advocates for the WIC program.  This is someone who understands the purpose and power of WIC, supports the mission of the WIC program, and advocates for WIC at the local, state and/or national level. 

Possibility Please nominate someone who has been innovative in moving WIC forward with creativity and new ideas. 

Please note: To submit a nomination for the Martha Tapia award - please refer to DOH WIC memo 2021-26. 

For Questions: or 206-450-6139  


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