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* 2. Of the following terms, how familiar are you with each?

  Have never heard of it. Heard it mentioned, but don't know what it means. Know what it means. Have read-up on it. Have witnessed it/ experienced it.
Career & Technical Education (CTE)
Curriculum Integration (CI)
Work-based Learning (WBL)
Carl D. Perkins Vocational & Technical Education Act of 2006 (VATEA)
Career Clusters/Pathways
Student Centered Learning
Gaming Literacy
Complex Systems (Complexity)
Chaos Theory
Fractal Geometry
Butterfly Effect
Global Consciousness
Collective Intelligence
Smart Mobs
Power of Myth
Exuberance (Teen Brain)
Plasticity (Teen Brain)
Multiple Intelligences
Mirror Neurons
Soft Power
Smart Power
Youth Bulge/Glut
Failed/Failing/Fragile States
Nation/State Building
Indigenous Ownership
Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT)
Public Diplomacy
Strategic Communication

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