A survey for guild members.

We really value your opinions and the time you're taking to complete this survey. We look forward to reading your thoughts on how you think the London Opera Guild should proceed.

Keeping in mind the decrease in income for the LOG over the last few years and, in particular, during the last season (2015-2016), please answer the following questions:

* 1. As a member of the Guild, do you participate in the Guild's activities, e.g., in attending its meetings, including the Scholarship Winners concert?

* 2. Do you buy tickets for COC productions through the Guild?

* 3. Do you use the opera bus?

* 4. The Guild’s original mandate was to support the COC in whatever ways it could and to encourage the appreciation and knowledge of opera among its members.  Perhaps fifteen years ago, this mandate was enlarged to include support for voice students at the Faculty of Music in the University of Western Ontario through scholarships.  Over the years, we have awarded 77 scholarships to outstanding students, some of whom now have an active operatic career.  In the past few years, the Guild has also supported the production of surtitles for UWOpera productions and bought tickets for these productions for many high-school students (perhaps an average of 25 students/year).  In addition, the Guild has twice sponsored the presentation of operas for children by the COC, in each case for about 280 students.

Keeping in mind the paragraph above, please rate each item in the following list to indicate your view of its priority for the London Opera Guild.

  1 2 3 4 5
The Canadian Opera Company.
Scholarships for voice students in the Faculty of Music at UWO.
Sponsorship of opera for elementary-school students.
Tickets for high-school students who wish to see operas at UWO.
UWOpera productions.

* 5. Question #4 assumes a continuation of the Guild, more or less as we have operated since 2010.  However, there are other possible ways of operating and there is also the possibility that the Guild might either be forced to stop functioning or choose to do so.  Other guilds, like the Western New York Guild (Buffalo), the Peterborough Guild and now the Oakville Guild (started 68 years ago), have folded. 

Please order the various possibilities for the Guild (listed below) from those you like the most to those you like the least.

You may drag each box into the order you prefer or click the up and down arrows to change the sequence. Also, please add any comments about these ideas in the comment box in Question #6.

* 6. Please add any comments regarding the statements in Question #5. You may also suggest other courses of action for the Guild.

* 7. Historically, our Guild has made money through the margins on the sale of opera tickets and the sale of seats on the opera bus.  These sources of income have made it possible for us to contribute about $7,000 each year to the COC and the scholarship winners in the Faculty of Music at UWO.  However, these sources of income are drying up rather precipitously. Can you suggest other methods of raising money for our Guild?