Bailrail - take the bus to the train

We're interested in finding out if you and/or your children would be likely to use a bus service running between Baildon Town Centre and Baildon Station in rush hours, timed to coincide with the trains.

The Bailrail bus would run to and from Belmont Avenue (near Sandal School) through the centre of Baildon, and down to Baildon Station, via Jenny Lane and Kirkfields. The bus would run every half hour, to link up with the trains, between 0730-0930 and 1600-1900.

The West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (Metro) has previously stated that the funds for this type of service are not available. However, our aim is to lobby them with overwhelming support to try and get a service up and running.

This survey is organised by John D Anderson on behalf of Baildon Friends of the Earth.Email:

Please complete survey by 31 May 2014. Thank you.

* 1. Do you think you would use the Bailrail bus?

* 2. Can you say a bit more about the reasons for your choice in Question 1?