Consumer Preference studies use well developed subjective analytical tools [Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs), visual analogue scales (VAS)] to capture study participant feedback about product performance, likes, dislikes, purchasing decisions, etc..  These studies can either be stand alone studies or can be combined with safety or efficacy studies.

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* 10. Subjective Sensory/Opinion Surveys -  These  opinion based questions capture data about product performance that is not tactile or visual in nature. Certain questions also capture economic related information such as likelihood to purchase, use in place of regular product, recommend to others, etc.

Below is a small sample of these types of questions taken from our library of questions amassed over two decades.  You may also submit questions that you would like us to ask of the subjects.

Product absorbs into skin
Skin feels refreshed
Skin looks youthful
How satisfied are you with this product?
Would you use this product in place of your regular product?

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