If you have never tackled an IQ test before this home test is a good way to get some practise.

The home test is not a full IQ test and its results can only be used as an indicator of possible performance on a full, supervised IQ test. The test will be sent to you by post. You are allowed 45 minutes to complete the test. When you have done that return it to Mensa and we will mark the paper and advise you of your score. Please remember this is only an indicator score and cannot be submitted as an application to join Mensa however it will give you a good idea of how you might do on a supervised test. There is a small charge of £9.95 for marking your answers and sending you the results confidentially, payable when you return the paper to us.

To request a Mensa Home Test:
please complete this online request form or Telephone 01902 772771.

Please remember to include your full name and postal address - so we can post you a Mensa Home Test by return.

Please Note: British Mensa cannot send Home Tests outside of its designated territory. - i.e. the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Anyone from outside this territory can find their national Mensa group at the Mensa International website.

NB: Children younger than ten and a half may find that their results do not fully reflect their potential.

Mensa recommends younger children are assessed by a qualified educational psychologist if a full IQ assessment is required. Your local authority will have lists of professionals in your area.