* 1. What areas do you feel you can be more efficient in?

* 2. How are you currently distributing your program to employers?

* 3. Do you currently offer and provide your own dedicated enrollment services as part of your program?

* 4. Which enrollment services do you currently support?

* 5. Besides your product offerings, what else is included in your value proposition to employees? (e.g. Benefit communications, payroll services, discount services, etc.)

* 6. Are you currently providing administrative services in house or utilizing a TPA?

* 7. Which products/services are you currently distributing at the workplace?

* 8. Are you planning to enter any new markets? If yes, please identify which market(s).

* 9. Please provide any additional comments or specific issues which you would like to have addressed. (e.g. new country, new product launch, policy retention, etc.)

* 10. Contact Information: Name, Company and Email are required.