Welcome to the Learning Network survey regarding our inaugural newsletter. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

* 1. The design and layout of the newsletter was attractive.

* 2. The length of the newsletter was too long.

* 3. What length should the newsletter be?

* 4. The ratio of text to figures (e.g., pyramid) and photos was appropriate.

* 5. The content of the e-newsletter is relevant to VAW issues.

* 6. The topics presented included accessible links to learn additional information.

* 7. Based on the content covered, I think the objective of the e-newsletter is to:

* 8. The two sections I found least valuable (regarding the information provided) were:

* 9. The three sections I found most valuable (with regards to the information provided) were:

* 10. The newsletter should just deal with one or two themes per issue.

* 11. Please list topics you would like to see covered in future newsletters.


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is greatly appreciated.