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Ever wonder how good your business is at pricing?

Here’s a quick questionnaire which will benchmark your pricing capability against others from your industry.

The questionnaire helps guide you through the main areas of pricing, asking pertinent questions & also offers some helpful hints to stimulate your thinking on pricing. On average it takes 5 minutes 44 seconds to complete the 16 questions.

Your answers will provide data for benchmarking your own capability and highlight opportunities for you to consider with pricing. To receive your FREE benchmarking report, you need to opt in and leave your email address.

If you operate in a multimarket or global role, we suggest you approach the benchmarking with the weighted perspective across all your markets so you can achieve an objective view of your overall business. It may also be worthwhile to forward this benchmarking to each market for their own individual market assessment (we provide a link at the end).

The first section asks you about your role & your industry background so we can build a statistically comprehensive Benchmarking Database.
In the questionnaire we refer to the following terms, and we have defined them here for clarity.
Consumers are the end users of your products / services. You may only have an indirect relationship with consumers.
Customers are those the people / organisations you have a direct selling relationship with.
Competitors are those that directly compete with your products and may be both within and outwith of your current category.