vCG Customer Survey (1/2)

This survey is part of the research being conducted by the VMware Compatibility Guide (vCG) team in order to understand how users interact with the vCG. Your feedback will help us improve the vCG experience.

If you’re interested in giving additional feedback, please provide your name and email address at the end of this survey. We greatly value your time and participation!

* 1. Which of the following categories best describes you?

* 2. How frequently do you typically use the vCG?

* 3. "I am able to find the information that I am looking for on the compatibility guide."

* 4. Overall how much do you think the vCG contributes to your ability to manage updates/upgrades to your software/hardware?

* 5. Please rate the importance of following common features:

  Unimportant Of Little Importance Moderately Important Important Very important N/A
Checking to make sure that components are certified by VMware
Checking compatibility between VMware products and partner/vendor products/components
Checking Interoperability between VMware products
Reading specific product/model related information
Downloading drivers for specific products
Subscribing to product/model feeds
Exporting results to excel/csv
Downloading entire compatibility guide as pdf
Using free text search
Using Guided search wizard