1. Camp Busy Bees

Please sit with your child and together provide an assessment of Camp Busy Bees. Let us know how we can facilitate to the growing number of young girls and boys who will be attending the program in the future. Camp Busy Bees would like to thank you for all your support!!

* 1. Please rate the following from 1 to 5.
1 being dissapointing- didn't suit your child'd level of learning; bad facilities; no challenge posed in the nutrition activities; teacher/volunteers not effective; there was no overall improvement.

3 being satisfactory- goal and objective was met.

5 being excellent- significantly improved child's learning of the Quran; suitable facilities for learning; thought-provoking nutrition projects; positive health chart application and usage; excellent teaching methods.

  Dissapointing Satisfactory Excellent
1. Registration
2. Organizational Skills
3. Nutrition Activities
4. Stations "Quran/Arabic/Dua"
5. Islamic Songs (girls only)
6. Newsletter
7. Safety and Cleanliness
8. Promptness
9. Enthusiasm
10. Quality of teachers and volunteers
11. Overall Satisfaction

* 2. Did the teachers communicate the outcomes/objectives of the program?

* 3. Did the program content meet your expectations?

* 4. Was the program offered at a convenient time?

* 5. Would you participate in this program again/recommend it to others?

* 6. How did you hear about this program?

* 7. In what ways has Camp Busy Bees enhanced your child's/children's life?

* 8. In what ways might Camp Busy Bees better serve you?