What's holding you back from hosting a pop-up with us?

Thanks so much for taking this quick survey. I'd love to hear about what hesitations you have regarding becoming a host with the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub.

All feedback is welcomed regarding the entire process including our communications, forms, payouts, design support, estimated planning hours, itinerary scheduling support, assistance during the popup, event/communication creation, host feedback, etc. 

The final question is open-ended and you can add all other feedback there. Thanks again for this valuable feedback!

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* 1. Benefits
First of all, what do you imagine are the best benefits for hosting a pop-up? Select as many as you like. Feel free to add more in the "other" option.

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* 2. Assistance
Our pop-up assistance has been streamlined. Each host receives an "Info at Your Fingertips" document which includes information for Creating the Itinerary, Tips & Tricks, Sample Itineraries, Deadlines, Event Set-Up, Host Responsibilities & Expectations, Daily Duties during the Pop-Up, What to Expect, Payout Processes, Guest List, and Wrap-Up Information.

We have ongoing emails with our hosts during the creation stages, at least one online meeting, and hosts have access to our forms / spreadsheets / documents to help organize thoughts into an itinerary (and no worries, if you're not spreadsheet saavy, you are not obligated to use that tool).

Our hosts all receive a contract with the Pop-Up Hub defining the terms and expectations of both parties. And hosts only need to attend one event per day, you don't have to be 100% available all-day every day.

Is there something specific support-wise missing from this list?

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* 3. Time Commitment
Design and hands-on time take roughly 25 hours from our first planning meeting to the finalization of the attendee list. Some hosts have completed their itinerary in 15 hours. 

Is the time commitment an issue?

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* 4. Fees & Distribution
The Pop-Up Hub charges $150 for event creation and then splits ticket revenues in this manner: 30% for the hub, 10% for the itinerary designer, and 60% for the host.

Do you feel these prices and payouts are fair? If not, how would you change things?

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* 5. Co-Hosting
If I create a place on our website to hook up potential hosts with another family to co-create an event, would that be make the process less intimidating?

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* 6. Risks
What do you see as the biggest risks for running a pop-up? 

Note 1: I don't like focusing on the negative but I truly need to know what people concerned about if they become a host.
Note 2: I'm truly not sure, I'm just throwing out some ideas. Please expand more in the "other" field if you don't see your concern listed.

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* 7. Anything Else?
Any other feedback you can offer? We'd love to invite as many hosts as possible to our platform and appreciate your candid thoughts.