Mental Health Needs Assessment Instrument

Congregation Beth Israel cares about the members of both our synagogue as well as individuals within our community. We would like to gain a better understanding of some of the issues that our community members may be facing in an effort to identify ways that CBI can organize opportunities for our members to access resources that may be of assistance. If you would please take a few moments to complete this confidential survey, it would help the Mental Health Initiative Committee at CBI to assess potential areas of need and to plan for enhanced resources. Thank you for your time and support.

* 1. Would you be interested in the synagogue offering resources for mental health issues?

* 2. Do you or a member of your family access mental health support services within the community?

* 3. If offered, would you participate in and/or attend workshops or speaker presentations on mental health topics?

* 4. What types of mental health resources would you like to see provided through the synagogue?

* 5. Could you see yourself turning to CBI for resources to help you better manage mental health concerns?

* 6. What types of obstacles might get in the way of you or your family members’ ability to access mental health resources at CBI?

* 7. What would make it easier for you or someone you know to be able to use CBI as a resource for mental health support?

* 8. Which of the following topics would you be interested in learning more about?

* 9. Do you serve as a caregiver for someone with either mental health, physical, or other challenges?

* 10. Please provide any other comments or thoughts you have on how CBI may serve to support members and the community with respect to mental health issues.