* 1. Which category best describes your industry sector?

* 2. How many LEED AP's do you know?

* 3. Please rank your interest in the following subject matter for green building education seminars. (0=not interested, 4=very interested

  0 1 2 3 4
Biomimicry (design following nature)
Water Conservation
Carbon Footprinting
Climate Change
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Greening Building Operations
Green Schools
LEED Rating System
Life Cycle Analysis
Net-Zero Energy
Residential Green Building
Sustainable Communities/Planning
Sustainable Consumption

* 4. Education Seminar Topic Suggestions

* 5. Please rate the following green building topics that you would like to see Houston prioritize. (0=not interested, 4=very interested)

  0 1 2 3 4
Zero Waste Plan
Energy Efficiency
Climate Action Plan
Promote LEED Certifications
Environmental Education in the schools
Construction/Demolition Waste

* 6. Green building topic suggestions for Houston

* 7. Please rate your opinion of Houston's progress in sustainability over the last decade (1=worse than other large cities, 3= equal to other large cities, 5=much better than other large cities >1 million population)

* 8. Do you see higher green building participation as a reflection of higher Quality Of Life? (0=no correlation, 4= highest correlation)