For many, sexual well-being plays a signifiant role in overall health and wellness. With the increase in sex positivity, sex courses and workshops have become more widely available.

Unfortunately, some of these approaches come with risks and can cause side effects, especially for survivors and otherwise sensitive individuals. 

Re-traumatization occurs when a past wound or traumatic event is triggered by one in the present, either consciously or unconsciously, resulting in psychoemotional distress.

Re-traumatization in sacred sex programs and practices is more common than reported. There is a tendency to minimize and dismiss those who express concerns so there is little to no awareness and people suffer silently.

This survey is the first step towards understanding the true impact so we can learn more about the experiences of those affected. Survey results will be used to launch an informed discussion with the goal of raising awareness and reducing harm. 

There are 15 questions and participation is anonymous. Contact us HERE to learn more. 

Question Title

* 1. Have you ever had an adverse reaction to a sacred/conscious sex program or practice?

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