Thank you for your time in completing this short survey. We are interested in learning more about how the members of our community connect with us at Baltimore Woods Nature Center and hearing the stories of your experiences with us. 

* 1. How long have you been connected to Baltimore Woods Nature Center?

* 2. What is your zipcode?

* 3. How did you first hear about Baltimore Woods Nature Center?

* 4. What is it that made you interested in finding out more about Baltimore Woods Nature Center?

* 5. What activities do you engage in at Baltimore Woods Nature Center? Please rank the following options with 1 being the activity you engage in most and 6 being the activity you engage in least or not at all.

* 6. Please rate the following statements in order of their relevance in connecting you to our mission. If you do not connect with a statement, click "N/A".

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Childhood benefits: the benefits of connections to nature throughout childhood cannot be overestimated
Sustainable Lifestyle: "Living well" means leaving the planet in good shape for future generations. 
Community interactions: A healthy relationship to nearby nature is essential to healthy human and natural communities. 
Health Benefits: Time spent in nature nurtures our minds, spirits, and bodies. 
Cultural Understanding: The natural and cultural history of Central New York reveals the need for responsible land use. 
Scientific Literacy: Children who learn science concepts through hands-on activities in the outdoors deepen their personal connection to nature.
Urban conservation: Because cities contain high concentrations of people, it is essential to the global conservation movement that urban populations connect to the natural world. 

* 7. What is your favorite experience you've had at Baltimore Woods?

* 8. What idea(s) do you have for the future of Baltimore Woods Nature Center?