Welcome to our school survey!
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Baker Web Academy values the feedback of our parents and students. Our mission is continually improve our operations and provide the best education possible for your family. Thank you for playing an important role in our school!

* 1. What is your primary role with Baker Web Academy?

* 2. Please select the grade level of all of the student(s) referenced in this survey. Please select all that apply

* 4. What is your overall satisfaction level with Baker Web Academy?

* 5. Of all the services offered by Baker Web Academy what do you value the most as a parent/student?

* 6. What additional services or supports would you like to see from Baker Web Academy?

* 7. How much college has been completed by the father of the BWA student?

* 8. How much college has been completed by the mother of the BWA student?

* 9. Do you plan to complete any college or post secondary training after BWA?

* 10. How has your experience been with Canvas?

* 11. How has the elementary choice program worked for your family? What improvements if any would you suggest?

* 12. How are our curriculum offerings addressing your family's needs? Is there anything you would suggest or change?