The Wheel Regional Training Survey

As you might be aware The Wheel is rolling out its regional programme and as manager of Claremont Stadium I am working with them as Regional Champion for the Meath, Cavan and Louth area.

Following on from a successful Regional Event held in Navan on the 7th of March, we are interested in hearing your views on training and access to training.

In order to look at the possibility of regional training for the next training calendar we would value your feedback and input into the training sessions. This survey should take no longer that 5 minutes to fill in, we thank you for your time in advance.  We will circulate the outcome of the survey if you provide your email address. 

Please feel free to contact me on for any further queries or comments.

Thank you :)  Marjan Boers

* 1. Are you a member of The Wheel?

* 2. Does your organisation encourage/facilitate staff and volunteers to undergo training?

* 3. If No to Q2, What are the main reasons training is not being undertaken? (please select all that apply)

* 4. If Yes to Q2, have you attended training provided by The Wheel?

* 5. Please rank the areas of training in order of importance to you? Where 1 is most important and 7 is least important.

* 6. Which of the following training options would be of most use/be most accessible to your organisation? (Please select all that apply)

* 7. What is your preferred training location? (Please select all that apply)

* 8. What other training supports could The Wheel provide to you and your organisation?

* 9. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 10. If you would like to be updated on training, news and updates from The Wheel per newsletter, please provide your email address.