Whether shopping, searching or streaming, today’s digitally savvy consumers have come to expect personalised and seamless online experiences on whatever device they choose to use.

As a charity, your supporters are no different. With digital channels, a constant and consistent dialogue with supporters is not only possible but crucial to retention and expansion. Digital and mobile in particular, has opened new and exciting doors for charities to connect with supporters and increase donations.

Some charities are making strides here; integrating online with offline to enhance and streamline their fundraising strategies. Others still have a way to go.

So where are you in your journey? Are you using all the communications channels available to interact and engage with your supporters? Are you effectively collecting and analysing data to improve your fundraising and marketing strategies?

At Third Sector, we’re researching current challenges and success stories in the sector. We’d be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out our 12 question survey and as a thank you we will…

  • Send you a copy of the survey results to see where your peers stand in comparison
  • Send you a free copy of the expert report informed by the survey results offering insight on how to advance your fundraising and marketing
  • Enter you into a prize draw to win a free place at any upcoming Third Sector conference of your choice in the next 12 months

*In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 30th September 2014.

* 1. Which fundraising and marketing channels do you currently use to engage supporters? Select all that apply

* 2. Which fundraising and marketing channels do you feel are most effective for engaging and attracting supporters? Select all that apply

* 3. How important is the donor/supporter experience to your organisation?

* 4. How are you currently using mobile channels within your marketing and fundraising mix? Select all that apply

* 5. Which channels are you currently using to deliver personalised messages to supporters? Select all that apply

* 6. How is your online presence personalised for supporters?

* 7. What holds back your organisation from offering greater personalisation in your communications channels?

* 8. What offline supporter data does your organisation capture? Select all that apply

* 9. To what extent do you measure how your supporters behave online? Select all that apply

* 10. In terms of recording supporter communications, are your online and offline channels fully integrated, allowing easy data analysis and reporting?

* 11. Please name and briefly describe an exciting or successful digital fundraising campaign that your organisation has run in the last 6 months or is planning to run in the near future.

* 12. What are the main issues or challenges you come up against when looking to launch creative digital fundraising campaigns?

Please tell us about your organisation and your role within it.

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* 15. Organisation name

* 16. Number of employees

* 17. Charity Cause

* 18. Country

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