1. Service Department Survey

This survey is designed for customers who have recently used the Tippmann Warranty or Service Department. Please take a moment to help us improve your experience and complete this survey. At the end of this survey, be sure to include your email address and you will be entered in the Tippmann monthly drawing. Thank you.

* 1. For customers you had warranty work recently completed by Tippmann, please enter your warranty/service item number (the number should be on your warranty tag or shipping information):

* 2. Overall, were you satisfied with the service received on your repair or accessory install?

* 3. Was your Tippmann service representative successful in solving your problem?

* 4. Was your product returned to you in an acceptable amount of time?

* 5. Was your service representative friendly/professional?

* 6. Would you recommend Tippmann products based on your service experience?

* 7. How does Tippmann service compare to other paintball companies?

* 8. What else can Tippmann do to improve your service experience?

* 9. Please enter your email address to be entered in the Tippmann monthly drawing: