In September 2018 the Whanganui District Council endorsed Age Friendly Communities in principle and set up a steering group to work towards the development of a plan. The steering group have meet twice and looked at the World Health Organisation Global Age Friendly Cities Guide. This is a tool for cities to complete a self-assessment and a map for charting progress.

The steering group have looked at the checklist and made some comments on how we see Whanganui is sitting on the Age Friendly continuum. There are eight areas of focus to being an Age Friendly Community, they are;

- Outdoor building and spaces
- Transportation
- Housing
- Social participation
- Respect and social inclusion
- Civic participation and employment
- Communication and information
- Community health services

What we would like you to do today is answer these four questions for us. You can think about your answers from a whole of community perspective or you can answer in relation to one of the focus areas. There is also a space for you to make any other comments you would like us to think about.

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* 1. To be age-friendly, what should Whanganui look like in 2050?

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* 2. What does Whanganui do well? Name up to three things that make Whanganui a positive place for ageing.

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* 3. What do we need to do better? Name up to three things we could do better at

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* 4. What are some solutions to the challenges we face in becoming truly age-friendly?

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* 5. Are there any other comments you would like to make?

Thank you for your contribution today – the plan from here is to pull all the information from all of the focus groups together and then come up with a draft plan. We will hold some wider community meetings and there will be opportunities for you to see what the draft plan looks like and to provide feedback before it goes to back to the Strategy & Finance Committee.

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