Confirmation of EdChat Details

Over the last few weeks we have been importing all the EdChats that we are aware of into Chat Salad's database ( and will be working with them and Nurph to develop some dedicated EdChat resources.

Before doing this we would be grateful if any EdChat moderators and/or regulars could let us know of any EdChats we are missing and confirm details that we have are up to date:
(Please copy and paste into browser to open this link)

A strategy document detailing our plans for this EdChat resource will be circulated amongst any EdChat moderators and regulars who include their contact details in this survey

* 1. Are you a moderator or a regular of EdChats?

* 2. Which EdChat(s) are you a moderator or regular at?

* 3. Who are the moderators/co-moderators of the EdChat(s) that you organise or attend?

* 4. Are all the EdChats that you moderate or attend included in the Chat Salad list above?

* 5. If any chats that you are involved with are not included on the ChatSalad list please complete the details below

* 6. If you would like to receive a copy of the EdChat strategy document detailing the features and functionality of the resources we're about to develop please fill in the details below: