1. Columbia School District Strategic Planning

Columbia School District is developing a strategic plan that will establish priorities and focus the District's efforts from 2017 through 2022. Please assist us as we plan to increase student success through excellence in education in Columbia.

* 1. The Columbia School District formulated a new vision earlier this year: "Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow." The Vision statement underscores our commitment to students today, while highlighting the importance of educating and graduating productive, caring and successful citizens.  Please rank the following areas that will support your student as they Learn Today, so they may Lead Tomorrow.  Rank of 1 is high, to 8 low.

* 2. The following statement is one of four Beliefs that will help guide the 2017 - 2022 Columbia School District Strategic Plan: 
- "Columbia School District believes in providing high-quality learning opportunities so that each student has tools to pursue their Dreams!"
Please rank the following learning opportunities with 1, as the highest quality.

* 3. Please rank the following experiences and activities, with 1 as the most important, that will support the following Columbia School District Belief:
- "Columbia students will become life-long learners through experiences and relevant skills to become outstanding citizens."

* 4. Based upon the following Columbia School District Belief: "Columbia School District will empower students to become problem-solvers and leaders within the Community."   Please suggest the best way to empower our students to become successful problem-solvers and leaders within our community.

* 5. Please read the following Belief: "Columbia School District will provide a diverse and nurturing environment to engage students and meet the needs of All learners."  Please suggest a way that Columbia School District may meet the needs of All learners and engage students by providing a diverse and nurturing environment.

* 6. Did we miss anything?  Please provide any additional comments in the box below.

* 7. If you are interested in participating in the Columbia School District school improvement efforts, please note your name, phone number and email address in the box below.

* 8. Thank you for assisting Columbia School District in improving educational opportunities for all of our students!